Birth name:
Sofia Scicolone

Place and date of birth

Clinica Regina Margherita, Rome, Italy
Thursday, September 20, 1934, 14h10

The name of Sofia honors the name of her father's mother whose name was Sofia.

Astrological Sign  /  Virgo
Chinese Zodiac  /  Yang Wood Dog 甲 戌
Numerology  / Birthpath 1

Romilda Villani (1910-1991) mother
Born in Pozzuoli from Domenico Villani and Luisa Zotti  in 1910.
She studied piano at San Pietro a Maiella, Naples' music conservatory.
She won a Greta Garbo look-alike contest, sponsored by MGM, in 1932.
She met Riccardo Scicolone in 1933 and they had two daughters (Sofia and Maria)
although they never married.
Romilda died in 1991 from cancer in Rome with Sophia present at her bedside.

Riccardo Scicolone (1907-1976) father
Born in Rome in 1907.

Riccardo approached Romilda in the street by telling her he was in films and that she was beautiful. Romilda was pregnant one month later. Scicolone never married with Romilda
Riccardo and never assumed his role as a father.
He officially recognized Sofia as her daughter
but refused to do so with Maria.
Scicolone married pregnant Luisa Rivolta in 1942;
They had two children: Giuliano (1943) and Giuseppe (194?).
He married again in the early 1970's with model Carola Hack.

Domenico Villani (1984-19??) grandfather
Born in San Giovanni a Teduccio (Naples).
Worked as a foreman at the
Ansaldo (Officine Meccaniche) factory.
In Sofia's mind Domenico was her father and she would call him Papa.

Luisa Zotti (18??-1954) grandmother
Sophia would call her grandmother Mamma and her mother Mammina.
She died from cancer a few months after Sophia was in Naples to shoot L'Oro di Napoli.

Guido (1907-19??) uncle
Born in Pozzuoli. He had 2 daughters and 2 sons.
at the
Ansaldo (Officine Meccaniche) factory.

Dora (1907-19??) aunt
Born in Pozzuoli.
Stenographer at the Ansaldo munitions factory.

Mario (1920-1998) uncle
Born in Pozzuoli. Wife: Angela. They had three dauthters.
at the Ansaldo (Officine Meccaniche) factory.
He moved to Rome to act as Sophia's secretary and sometimes press agent from 1954 to 1957. He was living with her sister Dora in the same Pozzuoli house where Sophia was raised when he passed away on December 30, 1998.

Anna Maria Scicolone (1938 - ) sister
Born in Rome on May 11, 1938.
Romilda Villani (1910-1991) - mother
Riccardo Scicolone (1907-1976) - father
Romilda chooses the name Maria in honor of her Scicolone's eldest sister, Maria.
Riccardo refuses to recognize he is Maria's father until Sophia pays for the name.
Married to Benito Mussolini's son turned jazz pianist Romano Mussolini (1962)
Two daughters: Alessandra (1962) and Elisabetta (1967)
Separated (1971), officially divorced (1976)
Romano Mussolini remarried with actress Carla Maria Puccini with whom he had in 1974 a third daughter,  named Rachele after his mother.

He died in February 2006 and Sophia did not attend the service.
Maria remarried to Iranian heart surgeon Magid Tamiz (1977)

Carlo Ponti (1912-2007) husband
Born in Magenta on December 11, 1912;
formerly wed to Giuliana Fiastri (1946) - divorced (1966)

two children: Alessandro (1948), Gwendolina (1949)
Married Sophia twice:
September 17, 1957, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
proxy marriage void on August 31, 1962
April 9, 1966, Sèvres, France
Carlo Ponti died in Geneva in 2007 from lung failure.

Alessandra Mussolini (1962 - ) niece
Born on in Rome on December 30, 1962.
Mother: Maria Scicolone; father: Romano Mussolini.
Married in Predappio to Mauro Floriano on October 28, 1989.
Three children: Caterina, Clarissa and Romano (2003).
is commonly called Sandra within the family.
In her early years, she is active in her roles as actress, model and singer:

plays in several films sometimes next to Sophia
conducts with Pippo Baudo TV show Domenica in (1981-1982)
records an album called Amore (1982)
makes the cover of Italian Playboy and poses nude (1983)
She has been an activist politician since her election in 1992 in Naples and was part of the right wing National Party until 2003.

Elisabetta Mussolini (1967 - ) niece
Born on in Rome in 1967.
Married at Rome's San Lorenzo in Lucina to Andrea Santoboni, July 26, 1997.
Child: Marco (1998)
Elisabetta has always kept her private life away from the limelights. She was caught despite herself in the camera eye in 2006 at the funeral of her father Romano in Rome.

Carlo Ponti, Jr. (1968 - ) son
Born in Geneva on December 29, 1968.
Commonly called CiPi within the family.
Conductor, San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra
Major in Music. Seaver College, Pepperdine University (1991)
Master's Degree (Conducting). University of California - UCLA (1994)
Dated Odile Rodriguez de la Fuente
Married to Hungarian violonist Andrea Meszaros (2004)
One son: Vittorio Ponti (2007)

Carlo and Andrea live in San Bernardino, California.

Edoardo Ponti (1973 - ) son
Born in Geneva on January 6, 1973.
Film director and actor. Commonly called Dodò.
He's always been, of Sophia's sons, the closest to her mother.
He graduated from the University of Southern California (1994)
Dated Chiara Mastroianni, Elizabeth Guber, Fiamma Izzo
Married to American actress Sasha Alexander (2007)

One daughter: Lucia Sofia Ponti (2006)

Lucia Sofia Ponti (2006 - ) granddaughter
Born in Geneva on May 12 from Edoardo and Sasha Alexander

Vittorio Ponti (2007 - ) grandson
Born in Geneva on April 3 from Carlo and Andrea Meszaros


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