That Kind of Woman
by Sidney Lumet


USA (New York City, Roxy Theater) - September 11, 1959 - That Kind of Woman- 92'
Italy - February 1960 - Quel tipo di donna - 92'
UK - 1960 - That Kind of Woman- 92'
France (Paris) - May 11, 1960 - Une espèce de garce -
Belgium - 1960 - Une espèce de garce / Dat soort vrouw -
West Germany - January 12, 1960 - So etwas von Frau -
Spain - 1960 - Esa clase de mujer - 92'
(attendance: 52,130)

American poster Belgian poster French poster Italian poster


Kay, a beautiful young woman who is kept by a very wealthy man, meets a young parachutist by chance on the Miami-New York train. Attracted to one another, the two fall in love, but Kay backtracks, 50 as not to lose the life of luxury and security she lives, and decides not to see the young man anymore. But her elderly protector in fact understands that the girl has fa lien in love with the young soldier, and encourages her to follow her feelings for the young man, with whom she can live a happy life. (Enrico Lancia)
Story: taken from a short story by Robert Lowry


New York City, Staten Island, Long Beach, NY (USA)
Gold Medal Studios, The Bronx, NY
Fox-Movietone, Manhattan, NY

Shooting dates: June - August 7, 1958


Sophia Loren (Kay)
Tab Hunter (Red)
George Sanders (Allen, "the Man")
Barbara Nichols (Jane)
Jack Warden (Kelly)
Keenan Wynn (Harry Corwin)


Photography (VistaVision):

Boris Kaufman
Costume design:
Edith Head
Daniele Amfitheatrof
Still photographers:
Ewing Galloway, Paul Hesse
Sophia's voice is dubbed by:
Mario Dagler (German)
Carlo Ponti, Marcello Girosi and Ray Wander for Paramount Pictures


Sophia and Carlo travel to New York City on June 9 to arrange details about the film. Interior scenes are shot in June then location scenes in July.

Sophia's first extended visit in the Big Apple.

Director Lumet made an effort to reduce the gloss that is usually associated with Loren's films by shooting on location in New York City.

Sophia considers her pairing with Tab Hunter as the weakest of all her fims with hopeless and negative chemistry.

Paramount wants to team Sophia with Shirley MacLaine but Ponti does not accept any actress getthing co-star billing with Sophia. At Lumet's recommendation, Barabara Nichols gets the part.


"If it had been a winner at the box office -- trust me -- nobody would have been questioning whether I belonged in Sophia Loren's arms."
Tab Hunter

"That Kind of Woman (Ponti-Girosi; Paramount) brings together Sophia Loren and Tab Hunter, although that kind of woman should never be mated with that kind of man."
Time, 21 sep 1959

"... the only good reason for seeing That Kind of Woman is Sophia Loren. I do not know how long it is going to last, but so far I still feel that I could watch her until Lollobrigida is a grandma."
The Gleaner, 24 dec 1959.

"Sophia Loren, one of the dynamic creatures Italy produces and Hollywood eats up, plays the gal a rich man is showering with the luxuries
of life."
Nadine Subotnik, Cedar Rapids Gazette, 10 oct 1959

"Playing the title role is the stunning Sophia Loren who has an opportunity to look her most glamorous as the beautifully plumed "bird in the gilded cage."
The Bridgeport Telegram, 19 sep 1959

"The role filled by Sophia gives her a wonderful opportunity to show her many charms to great advantage."
Bob Smith, Ames Daily Tribune, 10 nov 1959

"Also adding to the favorable effect is a fine performance by Miss Loren, a remarkably good portrayal by Hunter and capable supporting characterizations by Barbara Nichols, Jack Warden and Keenan Wynn."
Syracuse Herald-Journal, 8 oct 1959

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